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White Ops collaborates with SPI Interactive on research, analysis and countermeasure support for sophisticated bot fraud in the Japanese market



White Ops, the global leader in collective protection against sophisticated bot attacks and fraud, today announced a new partnership with SPI Interactive, a pioneer in digital media auditing in Japan, in a joint effort to increase cybersecurity measures and protection in major marketers and brands.

white Ops

Bot fraud, a worldwide issue, is expanding as a threat to all brands that invest in online marketing activities, including in Japan. Many companies can not cope with the impact of bot fraud which requires a high level of expertise and technology to mitigate.

SPI Interactive began investigating and analyzing brand risk using the verification tool "Marketing Integrity" provided by White Ops, a leading company in this field. It is expected that this will allow marketers to obtain clearer and more objective data than ever before (before data derived from customer traffic and interactions enters brands’ martech stack), and make more efficiency and soundness of marketing activities.

SPI Interactive's clients can try out online fraud investigation/analysis using White Ops technology as a free trial. In addition, for those who want a more customized, long-term solution to proactively protect campaigns and mitigate marketing dollars and abuse of online fraud, SPI will suggest the best solution for each marketer, including opt to continue and utilize White Ops' suite of services.

Nick Kovac, Japan Business Development at White Ops said: “Marketing Integrity protects marketers’ budgets, campaigns, data management platforms, sales leads, and retargeting from malicious, sophisticated bots, meaning SPI Interactive's clients can now understand the current threats through analysis using Marketing Integrity and be able to develop better optimised, fraud-free campaigns that can expect increased conversion rates.”

Takahiro Doi, CEO of SPI Interactive said: "As in other global markets, the main touch point of media communication in Japan is now digital. On the other hand, a part of the digital marketing spend that increased rapidly by programmatic transactions are exposed to invisible threats such as malicious bot fraud. Detecting sophisticated bots that impersonate real humans requires highly specialized technology. This new project with White Ops aims to help our clients obtain clear information and effective countermeasures regarding the damage caused by brand risk, which will lead to more efficiency in marketing activities.”

A global leader in collective protection against sophisticated bot attacks and fraud, White Ops works with over 200 enterprises around the world, including the largest internet platforms, offering cybersecurity protection and threat mitigation in the areas of digital advertising and marketing. Its diverse clientele includes brands, demand-side platforms (DSPs), and ad exchanges.

About SPI Interactive
Launched in June 2017, SPI Interactive is a pioneer of digital media audit in Japan. To improve advertising/marketing activities, SPI Interactive provides advertisers with various marketing solutions, ranging from data management, data analysis, brand management, media optimization, agency management, transparency of the trading process and research and advisory service.

For further information, please contact us at contact.info@spi-interactive.co.jp